Welcome To Head Waters Farm

We are a two generation family farm located in the hills of Newbury and Topsham, Vermont among the head waters of the Wells and Waits rivers. We began in 1980 as a small homestead on the south sloping hillside of an abandoned farm. Over the years we have grown so that now we have more than 300 acres of field and forest and rent another 35 acres of fields. We have two nearby maple orchards and keep a flock of sheep and a herd of cattle. We have three barns. The original section of the biggest barn was built in the 1790s.

Devon Cattle at Head Waters Farm, Vermont

Our maple sugar bushes are tended naturally, without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The trees we thin out from the sugar bushes and surrounding woods are used to fuel the arch in our sugar house and the wood stoves in our homes.

Our sheep are Katahdin hair sheep, a breed that was developed in Maine beginning in the 1950s. Katahdins shed their wool naturally every Spring so there is no need to shear them. The mild flavor of Katahdin lamb is thought to be because they lack heavy wool coats.Head Waters Farm, Vermont woodcut logo

Our cattle are of the American Milking Devon breed, which we prefer because of their tasty, tender, well-marbled meat. Although Devons were brought to the United States by the Pilgrims they are a rare breed today with only about 1,200 registered cows in the world. An American Milking Devon cow graces the Vermont state flag

Our original homestead is powered by photovoltaic panels and we also operate a small hydroelectric system. This year we will begin using photovoltaics to pump water for our animals.

To find out more information about our maple syrup, lamb, and beef please click on the buttons just below our masthead at the top of this page.

Head Waters Farm, Vermont